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Monday Motivation

MORNINGS Best way to start the week is with an early night on a Sunday (after taking a bi-weekly covid test). Then my habit for as long as I can remember is an easy rise on a Monday morning. I can get a lot done it that time. If I tidy up after the weekend, … Continue reading Monday Motivation


We were asked to pick a song today that starts with either D or J. I have gone with “Juice”. You can pick if you listen to my girl Lizzo or the cover by Harry Styles. Both are wicked. Song Credits: Sean Spencer Small, Sam Michael Sumser, Eric Frederic, Melissa Jefferso and, Theron Makiel Thomas … Continue reading JUICE

Saturday Snaps

It’s cool looking at the pictures that other people post on their blogs – travel and nature pictures. I don’t have a great camera, but I have tried to snap some things over the years. Viewing what other people feature has given me the idea to trawl through my holiday snaps and see what I … Continue reading Saturday Snaps

Thinking and Searching

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