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Tuesday News

The news story that cheered me up this week comes courtesy of CBBC (that’s Children’s BBC) and their news show “Newsround”. It is the story of a very special duck called “Long boi”. You can read about this statuesque character on the BBC website here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/57022829

Manic Monday

One of the services our pharmacy offers is managing the medication of some of our customers by assembling a dosette box. It is a time consuming task. We have to carefully prepare the customers scheduled medications in a plastic tray, morning, lunch, dinner and bedtime medications. It requires lots of concentration. It is so easy … Continue reading Manic Monday

Just A Step From Heaven

So I had a little help from the Aunties to pick a song for today. I like their choice a lot. I hope you do too. Jim said to pick a song on the theme of heaven or hell – which of those appeals to me the most? But other than religious songs, I was … Continue reading Just A Step From Heaven

Thinking and Searching

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