In a burst of enthusiasm for the new year, I had a go at early morning runs all of last week. Yeah – it’s not gonna happen.

Missing sports – basketball and football. Missing going out clubbing. Missing the gym. Oh well – is it what it is. I have weights I use at home and I’m trying to walk at least the basic 10,000 steps a day. I just don’t wanna feel like a vegetable.

What are you doing to stay in shape and keep fit during these lockdowns?


4 thoughts on “RETHINKING RUNNING”

  1. So before the pandemic – we liked the gym.
    But over the past year we have been making time for a long walk every weekend. Ben has bought weights he can use at home. I like running and sometimes Ben will come with me, but he likes sports too, and is missing them.
    While we have been quarantining we have been working out here. I am doing some of my stretches and routines from dance classes years ago which I enjoy.

    Stick at the running. It’s been real cold which does not make it much fun. But if you just use this cold time to get into the regular habit of short runs, you will build up stamina and get into a good routine. Then when the weather gets better increase length of the runs. Speed comes last. First just gradually increase the distance you run, even if you are going real slowly.

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    1. Went for a long walk today – it’s so cold man. I think I might start trying to run again when it is not near freezing. Thanks for the advice Jenna.


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