Tuesday News

My 2021 goal is to look for good news, positive reports in the media that warm the soul. Well, this past week has had the craziest news, with US politics dominating newspaper headlines and television news bulletins , but I still managed to find a great report to make the world feel better:


This is the story of Doctor Omar Atiq who was retiring. He chose to write of the debt owed by around two hundred cancer patients. That amounted to $650,000.

Doctor Omar Atiq – what you did was priceless and you will be remembered for it by those two hundred patients and others for sacrificing those wages.

I read in the article that when he asked why he did write the debt off, Dr Atiq answered, “some of those patients might need they money more than we did”.

If only more people thought that way. “They might need it more than I do” – what an awesome way to see the world.


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