Sheep Need Protection

I was at work a couple of months ago with a locum pharmacist. He’s a great pharmacist and a nice guy, but for some reason he loves listening to a well know radio station which features political controversy and tends to milk it for every contentious sentiment.

That morning the radio presenter was commenting on some lockdown protestors actions. Now I don’t remember everything he said, but I do remember him criticising people for being like sheep. He seemed to be encouraging people to question authority over their guidance during the pandemic and challenge it, rather than meekly obeying. I was angry that he can take to the airwaves and preach a message like that, and I found it weird that the locum pharmacist was listening to it in earshot of our patients.

I was listening to him and feeling angry. In many parts of the world, for thousands of years, sheep have been protected by shepherds. Although you could say that the shepherd was only caring for them for the sake of their fleece, milk and their meat, the point is the shepherd protected them.

At the moment, during this pandemic, governments and authorities are trying to protect us. There are so many bizarre theories flying around and people protesting the protective measures and even claiming it is all a hoax. I suspect with some of these people, the only way they will realize how wrong they are is when they catch the virus. I would not wish this virus on my worst enemy.

Most people have the sense to realize that as a vulnerable flock we need some shepherding, protecting, guiding, and in some cases strong direction to prevent people who are putting themselves and others at risk. It is so much easier for those providing that shepherding if we just obey.


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