Thursday Verse

God is not partial,  but in every nation the man who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.

Acts 10:34,35

Isn’t it great to know in a world full of deep divisions, racism and discrimination that God is not partial, He does not judge by outward appearance. He can see people for what they are on the inside. He does not favour people because of their race, nationality, social standing, or any external factors.

What pleased God? Fearing him – or respecting Him and His laws. Naturally the follow on from that is that we will do what is right.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Verse”

  1. Amen!!!
    I think this is so important Jacob. I cannot understand why anyone would think that some nations or some ethnic groups are “superior”. It makes me feel sick. Our Creator is interested in what the heart is surely and in how someone no matter where they live chooses to live – will they choose good or bad? He cares deeply about people everywhere and hoped they will do what is right.


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