I heard an interesting illustration a while back. It was comparing laws to a cage. We sometimes feel disgruntled when it comes to laws that restrict our freedoms. We might resent those laws because they prevent us from doing what we want to do. We may complain that we feel as if we are in prison because of those laws and how they have limited our enjoyment of life.

The guy who was giving this illustration went on to say that rather than focusing on the laws and the restrictions they bring, perhaps we should look at why they are there. There is a lion seeking to devour us. Suddenly the laws are a protection that will save our life.

The fact is most rules and laws are there to keep us safe. We sometimes forget the danger we are in. But changing our viewpoint may help us realize that we are loved. Even if we don’t feel like it, our lives are important and those laws are there to keep us safe and healthy.

Perspective makes all the difference.

WHAT DO YOU SEE? prompt from Sadje