Manic Mondays

I try to be a positive person – but with all the effort in the world, there are some customers who walk in and manage to suck all the positivity out of you,

Take for example the guy who comes in with a snidely smile on his face. Why can I see his smile? Because this guy refuses to wear a facemask, not for health reasons, but because he says it violates his human rights. Does he care about the older patients who are sitting waiting for their prescriptions? Apparently not.

Not satisfied with the display of not wearing a mask because he does not stop there. No, he wants to tell every member of the staff and every customer waiting that this is all one big hoax and we are all deluded.

The way he does it is so odd. It’s as if he tries to sweettalk people, subtlety persuading them to listen to him and ignore everything the authorities and the NHS have told them.

We dread him coming in. The truth is, we are always relieved when he leaves. He upsets staff and customers. He is just one – and so I think I am going to share some of our mad customers that make Mondays manic for us.