Manic Monday

So there are these young guys who come wandering into the pharmacy – most of them somewhere between the ages of 13-17. They come in and usually they ask for one particular product. Now we know that it a substance subject to misuse.

So we ask them about the medicine they are asking to buy – Who is it for? What are their symptoms? How long have they had those symptoms for? What have they already tried to treat those symptoms? Do they take any other regular medication on prescription?

The answers they give us normally tell us that the product they are asking for us inappropriate for them – that besides their young age.

I take it seriously man. They are my brothers and they are playing substances they don’t understand, abusing medicines. I try to tell them that they should stay clear of this kind of this kind of trouble, but they don’t want to know. They want their fix.

They lie and they try to be clever so we will sell it to them. But we know them. We recognise their faces. We say no because we care. We are not going to help them to harm their own health. I know they leave annoyed that they could not get what they wanted – and it’s so bad that we actually have to hide it so that we don’t get aggression from them when we refuse the sale. But it is sad man. It’s such a crazy situation to have to deal with.


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