Manic Monday

There is one customer who is so predictable it’s almost funny, except it’s not. Almost every Saturday morning he will call and ask for an emergency supply of some medication he has ran out of. The local surgeries are all closed at the weekend, so we cannot get a prescription from the Doctor. We request his regular medication every two months, but he comes up with some kind of anti-fungal cream that he has once a year or an inhaler that he has once a year and says he has to have it, he cannot wait until Monday.

Even though the Pharmacist will try to reason with him over the phone that it is not an urgent item, he will wander along about an hour later, insisting that he have this product and that it cannot wait until Monday.

But when he comes, he has his own style that makes him a unique man. He will sit in a chair talking to a family member of friend on his mobile phone and drinking from a can of beer. The Pharmacist waits for him to end his phone call so they can discuss the item with him, but this customer goes on and on talking. We keep popping out to serve other customers and trying to catch his eye, but he continues his call. Half an hour later he ends his call and then comes and bangs on the counter asking why we have kept him waiting for so long.

We were politely waiting for him to finish his phone-call. He starts banging his hands on the counter and telling other customers we have kept him waiting for hours. He’s been there for around half an hour maximum. He starts to tell everyone that we are the worst pharmacy he has ever been to (he has been coming to our pharmacy for around fifteen years!)

He has a discussion with the Pharmacist and it turns out that the medication (usually a cream or an inhaler) is not finished yet, he still has some, but he says the Doctor sometimes hesitant to prescribe it, so he figures the easiest way to get what he wants is to ask the Pharmacy for an emergency supply and then let us worry about chasing up a prescription. We explain that is not how the emergency request arrangement works.

Eventually, after a lot of debating, he will leave, and its usually then that we notice an empty beer can sitting on one of the chairs in the waiting area.


3 thoughts on “Manic Monday”

    1. I think he is the most memorable of all our customers – he has a sweet side to him and you cannot dislike him – but it is always like a comedy when he rings or comes into the pharmacy.

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      1. I actually told my husband about him this morning… I suppose the world would be very boring if we were all the same!!


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