Tuesday News

So this week, the news report that warmed me was the care that was taken of turtles in the Gulf of Mexico.

You probably saw the news that temperatures plummeted in Texas with rare snow storms that resulted in many being cut off from electricity and water for days.

At the same time the freezing temperatures were a shock for the turtles in that region. They were cold stunned, and unable to swim when the temperature dropped. They could not swim, but even though they floated up to the top of the sea, they could not lift their necks to be able to draw breath.

That would have resulted in those little guys drowning. So wildlife agencies launched a rescue mission to save thousands of turtles. This week there was a video on the BBC website showing the return of the turtles to the now much warmer Gulf of Mexico waters:


Sea, Turtle, Diving, Animal, Ocean, Wildlife, Closeup

When I watched it, I actually felt tears of joy welling up, and it told me that we humans – we are working in all sorts of crazy industries that are harming our planet and it’s creatures. We need to switch to working on looking after our planet and making it as special as it is obviously supposed to be.


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