Thursday Verse

Happy are the mild-tempered, since they will inherit the earth.


Is being mild-tempered a weakness? When we see injustices that anger us in the world today – how should we act?

The prime example for us of course is Jesus himself who was described as mild-tempered (Matt 21:5). We know that Jesus was deeply effected by the suffering of others. Yet Jesus willingly submitted to God’s will, to the timing his Father had set in place.

We know that soon as the empowered King of God’s Kingdom, Jesus will be authorised to act in a just way that will bring to an end all the corruption, injustices, racism and wickedness that plagues the earth today.

It is difficult to see the scale of corruption and injustices that are systemic in all aspects of society today. As individuals we are often faced with the choice of whether to do right or wrong, and of course we should do what we know is good in God’s eyes. But it is God’s Kingdom that will remove wickedness from this earth.

Under God’s Kingdom, God’s Will can then fully take place on earth. The mild-tempered will inherit the earth that is then free of wickedness.


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