Manic Mondays

There is a customer who comes in every eight weeks to pick up his prescription. He always does/says the same thing. No amount of effort to be nice and polite changes his behaviour.

For a start, he scowls. Woe-be-tide you if you ask how he is. His reply would be a look that could kill!

When you hand him his bag of medication, he starts to mutter how stupid the pharmacy staff are and that they always make mistakes. Then he tears open the paper bag and starts examining the contents. Every time he does that, there are no mistakes, there is nothing missing, he has received exactly what the Doctor prescribed, which is exactly what he is expecting.

But can he say thank you? No way man! He continues to grumble. Now he wants a new bag because he has just ripped the other one up. He keeps saying how terrible this pharmacy is and how we always make mistakes – even though for the past two years I have seen him check his bag of medication and never find a single mistake.

If he really thinks we are so hopeless, I sometimes wonder why he does not go to another pharmacy? But no, he seems to prefer to come to us and tell us how stupid we are instead.

What can we say? “Have a nice week Sir.”


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