Thursday Verse

…according to the glorious good news of the happy God…

1 TIMOTHY 1:11

I am sometimes bewildered that some seem to think the Bible is full of doom and gloom. Sure, enough the scriptures record the painful consequences of Adam’s rebellion, but right from the start they show the good news – that God will not allow this obstacle to thwart His purposes for the earth and the human family.

Every time we turn on the news we see gloomy news – wickedness, pollution, disease, corruption, injustices, anxiety are advancing more than any previous pandemic. The glorious good news of the happy God is that He knows how to repair the damage done and He will soon act.

Our happy God wants us to be happy too. This world promotes a distorted view of happiness based on possessions, position, and pleasures – often the immediate satisfaction of desires that have harmful consequences. But the happy God knows what will bring us true happiness. He can help us even now to live a happier life, and the glorious good news involves a future free of all the doom and gloom that is systemic in this world.