Royal Drama

So I am going to avoid saying anything that looks as if I am taking sides – because every one I talk to this week seems to want to know which side I am on. I don’t believe that is right – we are talking about a family.

But I am going to say this, I saw the statement on Tuesday from Buckingham Palace and genuinely I admired it. There seemed to be a sincere expression of sorrow over the suffering of members of the family and a reaffirmation of family ties.

That is what I expect from royalty. That was dignified, diplomatic and demure. I am not a royalist, but I have an admiration for the Queen in some ways. I am not anti-royal but I don’t think there should be any kind of elite classes.

And then there is Piers Morgan who seems to have stolen the spotlight, which in some ways is helpful. I don’t hate Piers, I don’t hate anyone. But I will say this – freedom of speech – freedom to express your opinion – is a responsibility – and to put it very mildly, I don’t think he was being responsible.

Now, as far as I am concerned, the matter needs to be closed, the media need to draw a line – let the family resolve matters amongst themselves.