Saturday Snaps

So last week it was Malaysia, and this week it is Manchester. It feels like a hundred years ago since we were last there, but we used to go there two or three times a year.

I have some relatives in Manchester who we would stay with, and we would hang out, sometimes at The Trafford Centre (a but like Westfield, but with Roman/Greek style statues making it look like a temple) or we would head into the city .

It felt like my second home and we had amazing times up there. This photograph is looking out towards the Manchester Printworks (right in the centre) which has bars, restaurants and a multi-storey cinema. To the right is the Arndale Centre – another indoor shopping mall. To the left is another kind of galleria with lots of shops and restaurants.

You cannot see in the photo obviously, but I was standing outside Selfridges. A couple of times we were in this square because they had put up huge screens – major football contests and other events nobody would want to miss.

There was always a buzz around Manchester and I miss it. It is one of the first places we will be heading to once the Pandemic is over so we can see our family up there, and head into town for mad night out.


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