Tuesday News

Have you heard of Wiggle, Taz and Alfred? This week they made the headlines as possible the sweetest group of friends that have bonded with each other:


In another week of news that shows seems to show the global political economic system is a like a ship that has struck an iceberg and is slowly sinking (or a ship stuck on a sandbank in the Suez canal)…it is great to have reminders that soon all creatures on earth will live in harmony.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday News”

    1. Do you mean the Evergiven Jim?
      Initially I was thinking of the Titanic when I mentioned hitting an ice-berg, but yes, when I thought about that ship blocking a major trade route, I mentioned it in the brackets.

      Ultimately though, I don’t know how much longer an economy with so much corruption that allows extremes of wealth and poverty can go on for.


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