Thursday Verse

“With you is the source of life”

– PSALM 36:9

When I first read this verse years ago, I felt a tingle inside. It is such a profound meaningful statement. Some Bible translations render this verse as “the fountain of life”. That conjures up a beautiful image.

I find it fascinating that so much attention is being given to searching for evidence of life on Mars, when we live on a planet so abundant in life. I can imagine that scientists would love to fully understand the jump between amino acids, proteins and living cells…and then onto conscious life. Although we can reproduce, and scientists can clone living cells and are learning about the possibilities of engineering DNA, they do not know how to create life from scratch.

It is humbling to think of our dependence on our Creator for life. He provides everything we need to sustain our biological life.

As fascinating as the source of life, the miracle of life is, what often causes us more reflection is why we humans die and if there is any hope for those who have died. The verse above points to the answer to those questions. We know from the scriptures that not only is God the originator of life, but he can restore life to those who have died. There are nine accounts in the scriptures where that occurred which stand along with the promises that soon God will resurrect people asleep in death. That is something no scientist can achieve.


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