My Kind Of Flavour

Last weekend, I was sad to hear that one of my WordPress favourites has had a hostile onslaught from another blogger.

Jenna made some good points in responding to the challenge she has faced. Not every writer is going to be our cup of cha. But that does mean that we can harass and target a blogger to chip away at their enjoyment of writing.

I know Jenna dealt with it in her own style and with her own personality and I admire that. I support her and her writing. It is my kind of flavour.

But this issue of online bullying is one that is not tolerable. There are lots of ways you can deal with someone who is targeting you to belittle you. You can block them. You can report abuse to WordPress. You can make the situation public like Jenna did – although I think that not naming them is a kindness (otherwise people might be tempted to turn on them).

If you are being bullied, you can ask for help. It is always a good thing to confide in someone else who can offer you support.


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