Thursday Verse

And I saw the wild beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage war against the one seated on the horse and against his army.


Throughout the book of Revelation we see Jesus in his role as a conquering King, riding for true justice. Some people think of the book of Revelation as bad news. But it is in fact forecasting the end of “those ruining the earth”, the Devil and other spirit creatures who have sided with him, corrupt rulers, hypocritic religious leaders, greedy merchants and the organizations that they sponsor who are meant to appear enlightened and noble, but often behave destructively.

Up to now, God has allowed the challenge raised in the garden of Eden to be answered. Are humans qualified to rule themselves? Thousands of years of history record the results of human rulership. To do this day, human rulers are allowed to rule over the rest of mankind. What is the state of mankind today? You can decide for yourself how successful human rulership is.

But in the near future, the scriptures predict momentous events as human rulers desperately try to cling to their power. How will they gather to wage war against Christ Jesus? Jesus is in heaven. The scriptures indicate that as never before we will need to trust God’s ability to protect His people.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Verse”

  1. To me the book of Revelation supplies the most exciting and yet at the same time just climax to what happened in Chapter 3 of Genesis. I think it is incredible – it shows justice finally being brought about. It shows the end of wickedness. It shows the start of the next page of human history – so much better than anyone can imagine. It shows the reply to all the challenges the Devil raised. It shows God deserves to be loved and obeyed and He alone is the rightful King of the Universe. It shows that He alone can provide the perfect solution.
    If there was not Revelation in the Bible – it would be taking the perfect ending away from the incredible story the Bible contains.

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