Friday Five

I love reading the posts other bloggers have published. I have decided to share with you some of my favourites from the past week, and a little of why I enjoyed them.

There are such a wide variety of posts from other bloggers, and I love the variety of subjects and the styles of different bloggers. But I know some posts I remember because of the motivation within them. I like to be inspired.

DEBRA MARY – Week Of Midnight Meals: April 2021

Food, Dinner, Lunch, Restaurant

How could I not choose my favourite foodie post of the week? The chicken dishes Debra suggested really had me drooling, but there is plenty in Debra’s post for vegetable lovers too. Debra’s food looks delicious and healthy – what more could I ask?


JIM ADAMS – Willing To Adapt

Change, Arrows, Clouds, Sky, Direction

Jim’s post about change really got me thinking. I know at work, we sometimes find change alarming at first. We have had to be so flexible and adaptable throughout the past year especially. I love Jim’s discussion of how regards change.


DOMINCA MAY – The Job Hunt Process And Lessons In Networking

Woman, Business, Fashion, Young, Office

I was so impressed by Dominica’s energy and organised approach. The way she discusses challenges and solutions, and is so determined – it is truly inspiring.


CARAMEL – More Of A Purpose Than A Plan

Another very inspirational post. Caramel’s post highlights resilience when things don’t go according to plan in our life. I loved the comparison to taking a journey and coming across obstacles on our route. We don’t just give up and go home. If we really want to get to our destination, we find another route. She shows why having a clear purpose is so much better than being tied to a a plan.


SYDNEY ROSE – The Way God Leads…

Clouds, Sky, Light, Head, Silhouette

I found reading the way Sydney expresses her faith truly uplifting. It reminded me of a special scripture that has so much meaning in Genesis 48:15: “…The true God who has been shepherding me during all my life until this day.”


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  1. Aaaaw thanks Jacob!! That was a repost – I published that one back in 2019 I think for the first time. I have been so busy with work, I have not been able to do much new writing recently.

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