Five For Friday

During a week when it rained and hailed, along with thunder and lightning, London’s restaurants were finally able to open their doors again. But the sun was truly shining in the world of WordPress. Here are five of my favourite posts this week!

SARAMINCY – Arizona Trip [Day One]

I am starting this week’s FIVE FOR FRIDAY in Arizona. I have missed travel during the Pandemic, so it is great to be able to see all of the photographs Sara took on her trip. It reminds me so much of the scenery we see in the movies. You are definitely giving me a strong sense of wanderlust Sara!


CANDICEBFORD – It’s Always Pink Shirt Day…Unless You Don’t Agree

This was actually my top pick from the whole week. It made so much sense and Candice expressed perfectly some of the thoughts that have run through my own mind during the Pandemic, during we have seen people with diverse opinions. I highly recommend you read this very thought provoking discussion.


CATCHING CRAWFISH – Life Is A…Rerouting, Take A U-Turn Here

This was one of the most charming lessons in life I have read in weeks. I loved Chelsi’s post about journeying along with her husband. It was so candid and fun to read of their navigating together.


CLAIRESALLOTMENT – Sunday 16th May 2021 – Dodging The Showers All Day!

Garden, Greenhouse, Allotment, Allotment

So if there is one wish I developed during the Pandemic – it was the wish to have an allotment. I felt a twinge of envy reading through Claire’s brilliant post. But then I realized, that we need to sort out our garden before I move onto any ideas of an allotment. I can always turn to Claire for inspiration!


FRIED GREEN – A Day In The Life

I loved this! Camping and hiking in New Mexico – this was just a joy to read through. I wanted to be out there so much! So I am going to admit, I had no idea where New Mexico was, but I checked on Google Maps and I realized it is not far from where I started today’s FIVE FOR FRIDAY!