We Could Be Lifted

So my thoughts when I saw the theme for today’s Song Lyric Sunday were – please define elevator music. I checked for an online description and it seemed to refer to easy listening music that is played in public places to keep people chilled out.

So that is probably quite a wide umbrella of music. I chose a song that to me is very easy going and uplifting. I also think it has a slight elevator connection as the title of the song is “Lifted”. What?! Come on – I am trying!

This is from a band called “The Light House Family. Have an easy mellow Sunday and enjoy the elevator music party over at Jim’s!

Credits: Paul Tucker, Tunde Baiyewu and Martin Brammer

I'd really love to be alone without all the
Ache and pain and the April showers
But it ain't long before I long for you, like a
Ray of hope, coming through the blue moon

When it all gets dark again
The whole thing falls apart I guess
It doesn't really matter 'bout the rain
'cause we'll get through it anyway
We'll get up and start again

'cause we could be Lifted, Lifted, Lifted
We could be Lifted
From the shadows, lifted
Oh we could be, lifted up today
Lifted all the way, you and I forever
Baby, lifted, lifted, lifted, hey

It's undisturbable the peace we found
In a bright new space up above the clouds
Everything is understandable
You don't have to say anything too loud

When all our luck runs out again
We're brought back down to solid ground
I wouldn't say I'm mad about the rain
But we'll get through it anyway
We'll get back to the start again

'cause we could be lifted, lifted, lifted
We could be lifted
From the shadows, lifted
Oh we could be, lifted up today
Lifted all the way, you and I forever
Baby, lifted, we could be lifted, we could be lifted, hey

We could be lifted, we could be lifted, we could be lifted
You and I forever
We could be lifted, we could be lifted, yeah we could be lifted
We could be lifted up to new horizons

Lifted, lifted up today, lifted all the way, yeah we could be lifted
We could be lifted, from the shadows, we could be lifted
Lifted upto new horizons
When it all gets dark again, it doesn't really matter 'bout the rain
When it all gets dark again, it doesn't really matter 'bout the rain

Saturday Snaps

This is a photograph I took of a model up in the Liverpool Maritime Museum. You can probably see from the plaque that is behind the model explaining it is a slave ship.

I was staring at it for ages. You might have to zoom in to discern the tiny models of people, including the many Africans on the cramped lower decks who were being traded as commodities.

It was barbaric. It’s hard to understand the inhumane way people can treat others, except as we know, it still happens today.

Five For Friday

Sometimes it feels as if the weeks are flying by this year. It is Friday again and time for me to share with you some of the highlights of the many brilliant posts that appeared in my WP Reader this week. There was so much to warm the heart, and inspire me. I am sure you will feel the same way too!

DEB EVANS – Have You Thanked A Nurse Today?

Nurse, Heart, Pulse, Stethoscope

This week we had International Nurses Day. How our appreciation for nurses has deepened during the Pandemic. Deb also shares with us some of the history connected with perhaps the most famous nurse of all time – Florence Nightingale. I loved her post.


FRAN – The Sunday Edition – 1. Tonight We Fly! Checklists! London Baby, We Made It

Green Park, London, Uk, England, Park

I loved reading the account of Fran and her family embarking on an adventure! I am a Londoner Fran and I was reading this, totally excited for all of you – and wishing you an incredible time in your travels!


LAURA AND BRETT – Staying Healthy: Eating And Exercise (5/2 – 5/8)

Vegetable Skewer, Paprika, Tomato

I have to admit, I seem to spend a lot of time looking at foodie posts. Why is that? It makes me so hungry. I loved the photos in Laura and Brett’s post this week. Am I reading this right – were all those delicious dishes under 400 calories? Desperate to get an invite to their dinner table!!


SIMON – Blog: A Year On Woodhouse Washlands

Yorkshire Dales, Pen-Y-Ghent, Sunrise

It is a long time since I was in Yorkshire, but I remember it as a massive contrast to London. There seemed to be an endless sea of green undulating with hedges and trees, dry-stone walls, and animals I had never seen before (animals never seen in Clapham!) I loved reading Simon’s account of the changes that occurred throughout the year. I wanted to be there walking through those dales myself.


SHELLEY FALLOWS – Bird Song And Blue Bells

Bluebells, Bluebell, Blue, Spring, Plant

This week is National Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme is nature. Shelley made my day with this post. She shared a short video of her journey to work, were she seemed to be passing through a magical forest, with carpets of bluebells and sweet birdsong. Thanks Shelley for such a beautiful share!

Thursday Verse

Whoever trusts in his own heart is stupid, But the one who walks in wisdom will escape.


Often when we are reading information we tend to focus on what supports our prior held views or beliefs.

When we use the internet to search for information, news and social media services start to tailor our feed, presenting us with information based on our browsing history.

But there is a danger in only reading or trusting what we want to believe. We can be misled, we can fall victim to misinformation, including conspiracy theories and political propaganda.

Wednesday Writer – James Guttman

Today we have the fantastic James as our featured writer. His blog is superb and so are his family.


I’m good with water, although this one is warm.

Landscape, Winter, Glass, Water, Mirror


My blogging name is James Guttman, and my site is Hi Blog! I’m Dad


I have been writing since 2002, but I began my blog in 2017.

James has also published a fabulous book – perfect for expectant Dads – available on Amazon:


I wanted to show the world that parenting a child with special needs isn’t dire or overwhelming. The goal was to normalize people like my son, who is non-verbal with autism, and demonstrate the similarities a family like ours has with many others.


Out of all, I’d say the top two have been “When You’re The First To Spot Autism’s Early Signs” and “I’m Sorry My Son Drank Your Coffee


I enjoy the honesty and getting to hear from others who relate to stories and situations that would have felt isolated and unique without the outlet to share with others.


Hmm. Ice cream? My daughter and I are kind of ice cream junkies.


No preference. I have a wishing well at my house that I keep as a planter. So whatever will overflow over the sides.

James, I am not an expert when it comes to gardening, but I love the way little bellflowers seem to grow in amongst cracks in the stone. They would make the wishing well look glorious.


I feel like I gravitate to different songs at different periods of my life. Hearing them again brings me back each time. Out of all of them, I’d go with the one that I replayed after my bypass surgery, “Come Healing” By Leonard Cohen.


For the first time ever, I think I might.


This is the only life you get for sure. Don’t waste it worrying about things that might never happen and wanting the lives of others who are most likely more miserable than you are. You don’t get a new hand of cards just because you complain about what you have.  You have to play them and hope for the best.


That’s a great attitude James and it can help us deal with the circumstances we are in and learn to thrive. It’s been an honour to have you as a guest and to feature you as this week’s WEDNESAY WRITER.

Manic Monday

One of the services our pharmacy offers is managing the medication of some of our customers by assembling a dosette box.

It is a time consuming task. We have to carefully prepare the customers scheduled medications in a plastic tray, morning, lunch, dinner and bedtime medications. It requires lots of concentration. It is so easy to make a mistake with some of these tiny tablets.

It takes the pharmacist a lot of time and concentration to check they are correct. If the customer takes several medications that look the same, it is especially challenging.

But it is an important service, so we are proud to support our customers with the dosette medication box service. However, the one phone-call we dread is when after all the work that has gone into preparing the dosette box, a Doctor’s surgery calls us to tell us that there have been changes made to our customer’s medication.

Just A Step From Heaven

So I had a little help from the Aunties to pick a song for today. I like their choice a lot. I hope you do too.

Jim said to pick a song on the theme of heaven or hell – which of those appeals to me the most? But other than religious songs, I was struggling to think of more mainstream music to feature.

Well…with help from the Aunties, I have picked a song called “Just A Step From Heaven” which is by a girl group called Eternal.

It’s a great hip hop soul number and the chorus brings the song to life.

Credits: Sheppard Solomon and Wayne Cohen

Tell me that we still belong
Tell me that the will is still alive
There must be another chance for us tonight
'Coz everyone who's walked upon
Trouble or lies, they come and go
We can be the lucky ones
And find love, after the storm

Don't let go
'Coz it's just a step from heaven
And the strength of love is on our side
Soon you'll find
That our faith will take us higher
'Coz we're just a step
Baby just a step from heaven

We don't need to justify our emotions
We don't need to worry 'coz if they hold on
There's a bigger destiny that was made for us
So don't let troubles bring you down
Believe in the foundation of our love
Can't you see my faith in you
Is forever and more
Don't let go
'Coz it's just a step from heaven
And the strength of love is on our side
Soon you'll find
That our faith will take us higher
'Coz we're just a step
Baby just a step from heaven
Heaven, oh yeah
Heaven, oh yeah

Baby can't you see
This love was meant to be
We can rise above this pain in our hearts

Don't let go 'coz it's just a step from heaven
And the strength of love is on our side
Soon you'll find
That our faith will take us higher
'Coz we're just a step
Baby just a step from heaven

Saturday Snaps

I took this snap a while back when we had been for a walk around some of the greener parts of south London. After our walk we were heading catch a bus which stops on the road I live on. As we were walking I saw some street art.

The mural is called “It’s Oh So Quiet” and it shows a male and a female house sparrow.

At first I only noticed the birds, but then I noticed that as well as perching on barbed wire, the bird on the left has a plastic straw in it’s mouth. So I wondered if the artist – Louis Masai – was highlighting the plight of nature around us in the city?

So I found a blogger who had a post all about this particular mural, and if you are interested in reading more about it’s creation and the artist behind it, check out their post below:


Five For Friday

There have been some brilliant posts appearing in my Reader this week. It was really hard to pick just five of my favourites. These are the five posts that I have chosen because I enjoyed them so much and found them inspiring!

THE RAMBLING SLOTH – Day 400 Seems A Great Day To Take The Next Big Step In My Recovery Journey

Mountains, Summit, Nature, Cliff, Peak, Mountain Range

I spent a long time gazing at the photos of sunrises in Julie’s post. The colours are extraordinary. I was impressed by her plans! I need to follow her good example. Too much take out food during the Pandemic makes me want to start training again.


GENTLEMAN DAVE – More For Us To Discover

Wow! This was one exciting poem! Gentleman Dave has a way with words and is able to produce beautiful poetry. This poem was totally romantic and exhilarating in equal combination. Who ever said that the beach was boring? It makes me see the need to continue reviewing the applications so far for the role of Mrs Nyamake.


TAM33KS – 7 Self-Care Ideas That Involve Giving

I knew I was going to love this post as soon as I read the title. Self-care and giving go hand in hand surely. There is so much more happiness in giving. Tam33ks gives some great examples of how you can not only bring joy to others, but how good it is for us and our own emotional health and wellbeing.


MZDEEDEESMITH – Let’s Go, Or Maybe Let’s Stay…Sometimes Plans Change

I loved reading the adventure MzDeeDeeSmith embarked on to the beautiful land of Ecuador. The lessons she learned, and her attitude to letting the universe work it’s magic. I enjoyed every picture and every paragraph of this post, but it was the ending – the quote that the post ends on that made sure it is one I will not forget!


JO GOODALL – Welcome To The Prestigious 30s Club…Turning 30 With Brian And A Week Of New Classes

Last but not least is Jo! Last week I read that she had broken her foot. But it was amazing to read her birthday post and to see that nothing is stopping her from enjoying her life at Oxford! You are an inspiration Jo! Keep smiling 🙂