Crème De La Crème

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…then you will know that this weekend was dominated by one event – the family team effort into creating a winning entry for The 2021 Great Bloggers’ Bake Off. It was an epic event, full of drama, but we came up with a champion submission.

Are you ready for Part Three of the saga? The part with all the drama!

The recipe – the recipe that almost floored us – is on the BBC website:

Our next task was to make the coconut cream. We put the tin of coconut milk into a little milk man and heated it to almost a simmer.

We then whisked together the egg yolks, caster sugar, the plain flour and the cornflour. Next we poured the hot coconut milk over while whisking continuously.

After the whisking, we tipped the mixture back into the pan and warmed it gently, until it had thickened and was smooth and glossy. The we turned off the heat and added the Malibu. We allowed the coconut and rum milk mix to cool with a sheet of cling film laid directly on the surface.

So, everything was going just fine up to this point. But then…..the next stage was a complete disaster:

When the coconut cream has gone cold, scrape into a bowl with the double cream and beat until just thick enough to hold a peak.

Now you tell me….how long does it take to beat cream until it is thick enough to hold a peak. Because my dear mum whisked that mix for almost an hour and it was still as runny as it started out.

It was only then that we started to read the comments that other people had left at the bottom of the recipe. My jaw dropped. Had we been hoodwinked? Totally hooked by the appealing photo at the top of the recipe, I had convinced my whole family to help me make this surely champion coco-choco banoffee pie for the BAKE OFF. But now….we were facing disaster.

So Mum told me to go to the local shops and buy some more double cream. I did exactly that. Mum whisked it up (and it was whipped up in less that a minute) along with the Malibu.

Then it was my honour to try to finish off by using a piping bag to create little splodges of cream on top (I think we could have just have spooned it on and spread it out, but I wanted to make the effort) and a dusting of cocoa power.

After the almost coconut cream disaster, we had come up with a solution – and it was worth it!! This was amazing. The best dessert we have had all year.

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