To Die For!

We were soaked to the skin in Wimbledon today, picking up

There are not many things I take seriously, but HOT SAUCE is one of them! So I was stoked to find a guy selling hot sauce that that knocked my socks off. The guy’s website is here:

The hot sauce that was to die for…..TO……DIE…..FOR!!!…..:

And it looks like there is more:


4 thoughts on “To Die For!”

  1. Jack had a peak with me at the Casey’s Kitchen website. Between us we agreed on three products:
    – caramelized onion chutney
    – the lime and tequila sauce
    – roasted habanero hot sauce
    But when I went into town to buy them, there was also a roasted pepper ketchup which tasted amazing.
    Have you left a review on the website Jacob? I am sure it would be appreciated if you did. 🙂

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  2. We are going to try some of his sauces. NonnaNoo is doing a tasting evening and has asked us to post a review for our favourite products. Love that they all say 100% vegan and that they go great with meat. Classic.


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