I’ve been sitting down and working it all out – and I am not sure how I am going to afford it. I am going to have to give things up – here and there. I’m fed up. There is nothing I want to give up, but there are hard decisions ahead to avoid the bank taking away my credit card.

Then I step out of the door, and there it is…there it is again…the proof I need that life is for living, that life is precious, that I am rich beyond words. I have seen sunsets before. I have seen magnificent sunsets before. But it is one of those sunsets that stabs joy into my core and leaves me staggered.

I live on the most extraordinary and the most abundant planet in all the universe. I am wealthy beyond all measure. Somebody gave this to me and forgot to send the invoice. All they asked was “take care of it”.

Why wouldn’t I be willing to give things up, to make sacrifices to look after this? So what if I cannot afford the things the marketing dudes tell me I cannot live without? Humans survived thousands of years without those things.

I can’t afford a new phone. It’s as simple as that, cannot afford it. But I can afford to make banana cookies. So I am going to sit out on the front step and watch the sunset and eat one and remember I am blessed beyond all measure. I am in awe!


3 thoughts on “Awe”

  1. That was a rollercoaster of reflection – lows of not being able to afford everything we think we need – profound appreciation for everything we have been freely given and reminders to keep things in perspective and look after what matters most. I could read this again and again Jacob, there is so much in this to make me think for hours.


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