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Finding The Right One

So I read when I was a teenager that finding “the right one” is like trying out shoes. They might all look fine, but then you slide your feet in and walk around and ouch! You know after a while if they are going to cause you issues – if they are gonna pinch or cramp your style.

When I read that concept, I thought “you can’t say finding the right girl is like shopping for shoes”. It seemed a bit harsh to me. But I do take the point that you should take your time to find the right one, get to know them and be honest about what kind of person you want to spend your life with.

One of the Aunties said to me the other day that in hard times you get to see more about what someone is made of – man or woman. Her advice was not to be into some fair weather princess who freaks when she chips a nail. She said when times are hard you see if someone is resourceful and whether they have faith.

One of these days I’m gonna find me someone to call my girl – just gotta get me together before I do. I have a lot to work on before I find the right one. Otherwise they might not think I am the right one for them. Do you know what I’m saying?