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Tuesday News

I found a report that made me smile a lot this week It is all about an albatross named “Wisdom”. This is a special albatross!

Apparently, the life span of a Laysan albatross is between twelve and forty years. But researchers know that Wisdom is at least seventy years old because they have been tracking her since 1956.

Well – celebrations are in order because she recently gave birth (I think the term is hatched an egg technically) to a chick! She’s a mother-bird! She is in fact the oldest known wild bird and she has had another chick!




Saturday Snaps

It’s cool looking at the pictures that other people post on their blogs – travel and nature pictures. I don’t have a great camera, but I have tried to snap some things over the years. Viewing what other people feature has given me the idea to trawl through my holiday snaps and see what I can find.

I found about twenty photos of this bird – heron I think. We were walking through the park and this guy was stood feeding tiny fish to the heron. It was taking them right out of his hand. We videoed the heron as it wandered around the park throughout people, totally cool, not freaked out by all the people who wanted to take a picture.