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To Die For!

We were soaked to the skin in Wimbledon today, picking up

There are not many things I take seriously, but HOT SAUCE is one of them! So I was stoked to find a guy selling hot sauce that that knocked my socks off. The guy’s website is here:


The hot sauce that was to die for…..TO……DIE…..FOR!!!…..:


And it looks like there is more:



It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

If you read my previous post….

…then you will know that this weekend was dominated by one event – the family team effort into creating a winning entry for The 2021 Great Bloggers’ Bake Off. It was an epic event, full of drama, but we came up with a champion submission.

Are you ready for Part Two of the saga?

The recipe – the recipe that almost floored us – is on the BBC website:


So now that the base was chilled, we were working on the filling of what was going to become the pièce de résistance of banoffee pies. In honour of the lovely Caramel who invited us to take part in The Great Bloggers’ Bake Off, we gently melted caramel and dark chocolate into an amazing chocolate caramel. Look at that shine!

At this stage we pulled the chilled coconut cream and bourbon biscuit crumb base out of the fridge, and inside we carefully placed a layer of sliced bananas. We used four bananas as the recipe said.

Ten over the top of the bananas we poured the chocolate caramel. Can you see how good this already looks?

So now we had a base and a filling, it went back into the fridge to chill again. The final hurdle, the one that would almost be our undoing was the coconut cream topping.

I will share Part Three of the Nyamake family baking experience in another post – that’s where all the drama took place.

In just over ten days time, Caramel, Gary and Jeanne are hosting The Great Bloggers’ Bake Off. If you would like to take part, send your baking photos to:


Click the image below and it will take you over to Caramel’s website where you can read more about the event.

It’s All About The Base

This weekend was dominated by one event – the family team effort into creating a winning entry for The 2021 Great Bloggers’ Bake Off. It was an epic event, full of drama, but we came up with a champion submission.

Over the next three days, I am going to share with you the details of how trusting a bizarrely wrong recipe almost cost us a winning dessert, but how we overcame all odds to produce a work of genius.

The recipe – the recipe that almost floored us – is on the BBC website:


So as the recipe told us, we started to prepare the base. The first step was gently melting the 200g bar of Bart creamed coconut in a pan, stirring constantly until it is smooth and glossy. My little brother took on this task.

Meanwhile, I tried to load 400g of bourbon biscuits into the food processor and then realized that was not a good idea. So I took out half of them, blitzed the remainder, and then added the rest gradually.

The result was fine chocolate crumbs that we added to the now melty creamed coconut. We mixed it all up, and then spread it into a fluted pie tin.

I love how the recipe says this:

Press over the base and up the sides of a 22cm round loose-bottomed fluted tin. Chill.

It’s not just me who uses “chill” as a whole sentence. So chill we did….and at the same time we stuck the base into the fridge while we were having a brew.

If you look at the comments other people have left on the BBC webpage with the recipe we were following, you might notice some said that the base was too thick. My mum disagrees with that. She said having a thick base made it easy to transfer out of the tin onto a plate. So you can make it thin if you like, but good luck to you trying to get it onto your fancy cake stand!

So the base was now in the bag (or in the fridge) but there was more to come. Tomorrow I am going to tell you what happened next in the Nyamake family baking adventure.

In two weeks time, Caramel, Gary and Jeanne are hosting The 2021 Great Bloggers’ Bake Off Festival Of Love. Love is the theme. Do you have any baking photos you can send in to Caramel? Click the image below and it will take you to Caramel’s site where you can read more about the Bake Off:

Saturday Snaps

Last summer, there were no festivals or agricultural shows. Normally we visit these huge events and wander around all of the tents during the day time and enjoy the live music at various stages dotted around the site.

I cannot even remember which event this was from, although I am pretty sure it was when I was visiting family in the Midlands. All I recall was that they had a food tent, and the first stall we came to was pure tea and cake. We did not get past it! We all ordered huge wedges of cake and sat on the grass feeding out bellies and sipping hot tea in the sunshine.

That was all the energy we needed to go and check out one of the nearest music tent where we danced along to Punjabi drummers!

Five For Friday

Sometimes it feels as if the weeks are flying by this year. It is Friday again and time for me to share with you some of the highlights of the many brilliant posts that appeared in my WP Reader this week. There was so much to warm the heart, and inspire me. I am sure you will feel the same way too!

DEB EVANS – Have You Thanked A Nurse Today?

Nurse, Heart, Pulse, Stethoscope

This week we had International Nurses Day. How our appreciation for nurses has deepened during the Pandemic. Deb also shares with us some of the history connected with perhaps the most famous nurse of all time – Florence Nightingale. I loved her post.


FRAN – The Sunday Edition – 1. Tonight We Fly! Checklists! London Baby, We Made It

Green Park, London, Uk, England, Park

I loved reading the account of Fran and her family embarking on an adventure! I am a Londoner Fran and I was reading this, totally excited for all of you – and wishing you an incredible time in your travels!


LAURA AND BRETT – Staying Healthy: Eating And Exercise (5/2 – 5/8)

Vegetable Skewer, Paprika, Tomato

I have to admit, I seem to spend a lot of time looking at foodie posts. Why is that? It makes me so hungry. I loved the photos in Laura and Brett’s post this week. Am I reading this right – were all those delicious dishes under 400 calories? Desperate to get an invite to their dinner table!!


SIMON – Blog: A Year On Woodhouse Washlands

Yorkshire Dales, Pen-Y-Ghent, Sunrise

It is a long time since I was in Yorkshire, but I remember it as a massive contrast to London. There seemed to be an endless sea of green undulating with hedges and trees, dry-stone walls, and animals I had never seen before (animals never seen in Clapham!) I loved reading Simon’s account of the changes that occurred throughout the year. I wanted to be there walking through those dales myself.


SHELLEY FALLOWS – Bird Song And Blue Bells

Bluebells, Bluebell, Blue, Spring, Plant

This week is National Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme is nature. Shelley made my day with this post. She shared a short video of her journey to work, were she seemed to be passing through a magical forest, with carpets of bluebells and sweet birdsong. Thanks Shelley for such a beautiful share!

Friday Five

I love reading the posts other bloggers have published. I have decided to share with you some of my favourites from the past week, and a little of why I enjoyed them.

There are such a wide variety of posts from other bloggers, and I love the variety of subjects and the styles of different bloggers. But I know some posts I remember because of the motivation within them. I like to be inspired.

DEBRA MARY – Week Of Midnight Meals: April 2021

Food, Dinner, Lunch, Restaurant

How could I not choose my favourite foodie post of the week? The chicken dishes Debra suggested really had me drooling, but there is plenty in Debra’s post for vegetable lovers too. Debra’s food looks delicious and healthy – what more could I ask?


JIM ADAMS – Willing To Adapt

Change, Arrows, Clouds, Sky, Direction

Jim’s post about change really got me thinking. I know at work, we sometimes find change alarming at first. We have had to be so flexible and adaptable throughout the past year especially. I love Jim’s discussion of how regards change.


DOMINCA MAY – The Job Hunt Process And Lessons In Networking

Woman, Business, Fashion, Young, Office

I was so impressed by Dominica’s energy and organised approach. The way she discusses challenges and solutions, and is so determined – it is truly inspiring.


CARAMEL – More Of A Purpose Than A Plan

Another very inspirational post. Caramel’s post highlights resilience when things don’t go according to plan in our life. I loved the comparison to taking a journey and coming across obstacles on our route. We don’t just give up and go home. If we really want to get to our destination, we find another route. She shows why having a clear purpose is so much better than being tied to a a plan.


SYDNEY ROSE – The Way God Leads…

Clouds, Sky, Light, Head, Silhouette

I found reading the way Sydney expresses her faith truly uplifting. It reminded me of a special scripture that has so much meaning in Genesis 48:15: “…The true God who has been shepherding me during all my life until this day.”

Wednesday Writer – Annette Lewis

It is my honour to interview the lady who knows the way to my heart – chicken dishes. The awesome Lady A is in the house (not literally because of the lockdown) and sharing her deep interview answers.


As it is early in the morning, I think I would like a coffee please Jacob – a cappuccino would be perfect.

Coffee, Latte Art, Cup, Drink, Beverage


I have to admit I made a right pickle of setting up my site. I tried a whole bunch of names that were already taken in the setting up phase. Eventually I ended up calling myself “Lady A” – my name is Annette.

I called the blog “LADY LEWIS” with the tag line “…what Lady A thinks about it…”

I knew I would want food and recipes to be a big part of my blog, but I also knew I would perhaps have things to say on lots of subjects. Since I began blogging I have also had a few attempts at writing short fictional pieces. That is something I would like to do more of.

But the basic concept of my site is that I am inviting guests to come and sit around our dinner table – enjoy the food and drink and the conversation over dinner.


My first post was 22nd October 2020. So I have managed to keep it up with almost daily posts for around four months now.


Well…two reasons. One of my good friends had shared with us that she had been blogging for over two years and had related how enjoyable she found it. A lot of us were finding the first National Lockdown hard last year and were looking to the internet to find things to read. I saw people’s blogs and thought little of them at first.

Laptop, Computer, Business, Table, Paper

But when I saw Melody’s site, I found it very joyful. I was surprised she had not shared it with us earlier. It seemed like an enjoyable hobby during these lockdowns when we have had to be content with staying indoors much more than usual.

My second reason was purely out of concern for another dear friend of mine who had started her own blog. It has become a nice way for us to keep in regular contact. I am always a little cautious with regards the internet, but blogging along with friends feels safer.


I had no idea until I checked just now. I am very surprised to find that I have a post with 46 “LIKES”:


It was a response to Deb Whittam’s 42-word prompt.


So far I have enjoyed looking through past recipes that I know that we and our guests have loved and featuring them on my blog. But I am also having fun searching out new recipes to try for the blog.


Something that is going to bring a smile to everyone around the dinner table. There are a lot of dishes that I know my husband and other relatives and friends have enjoyed, but without fail the one meal that makes everyone smile is a roast dinner.

I am passionate about perfectly crisp roast potatoes, delicious vegetable accompaniments and a good quality organic meat. I like adding little twists to the table – a new type of stuffing, different sauces and of course the much loved Yorkshire puddings have to be spot on.

I smile when I can see everyone at the dinner table enjoying their food.


I love this question Jacob. I think for me it would have to be some yellow roses.


Years ago, in our early years together, Robert was involved in a traffic incident. I think that changed my outlook on life and appreciation for him massively. Nearly losing someone you love makes you reassess everything and puts everything into perspective. I cannot listen to this song too often as if really moves me, especially the video, but it encapsulates so much of what I felt when Robert was in hospital recovering from his injuries.


Right now, I am planning to go to Waitrose, after that I will return home.

Where am I going in life? I do believe life is in some respects a journey, but most of that journey is within. Sometimes, the journey is simply a longing for home.

I grew up in a fabulous family which shaped the person I am. Meeting Robert on a holiday with friends was a significant moment in my life. We got on so well. When we eventually got together, I think it was obvious to everyone we were a true match. It’s not always easy for people to find someone they are ideal for.

A lot of people end up compromising who they are just for the sake of being with someone. I never felt I had to compromise who I was, and I would hope Robert never felt that way. Yes, there are times when we have both had to compromise on very minor matters, but we do agree on everything that matters.

The sense of HOME that I found with Robert and I had the feeling that whatever life or the world threw at us, we were the ideal duo to deal with challenges together. That has proved to be the case.

So where am I going in life now? I found HOME many years ago so ever since then we have been inviting people into our home as our dinner guests. I do look forward to this virus no longer being a threat so we can share many more joyful evenings with all the people we love.


I guess it would be to APPRECIATE the people in your life now. APPRECIATE what you have, don’t worry about what you do not have. Make the most of what you can do rather than becoming upset about what you can not do.

I am not sure my blog really conveys that message. My blog is more about food, wine, music, and conversation – which are all things I have a deep appreciation for. I am finding a way to share my enjoyment of those through my blog.

But it is sometimes those little quiet moments when you are alone when you finally gain insights into life and existence. Appreciate peace and quiet and the chance to think deeply without the commercial or entertainment industry telling you what to think.

I read my most popular post again, and I suppose that contained a succinct pithy message:

I have learnt that life is no fairytale. It’s not always a bed of roses. There is a jungle of weeds to fight through. However, persistent efforts can make life a delight. The work never stops but life can be made beautiful.



Wow! Lady A – that was amazing. Thank you for sharing your answers to the interview questions. You shared so much wisdom and it just blew my mind getting to know more about you and your husband. Maybe when the pandemic is over, I will get to sit at your dinner table (please make roast chicken) and see more of the love that your blog and your home radiate.

This is a song for you Lady A….