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Thursday Verse

…according to the glorious good news of the happy God…

1 TIMOTHY 1:11

I am sometimes bewildered that some seem to think the Bible is full of doom and gloom. Sure, enough the scriptures record the painful consequences of Adam’s rebellion, but right from the start they show the good news – that God will not allow this obstacle to thwart His purposes for the earth and the human family.

Every time we turn on the news we see gloomy news – wickedness, pollution, disease, corruption, injustices, anxiety are advancing more than any previous pandemic. The glorious good news of the happy God is that He knows how to repair the damage done and He will soon act.

Our happy God wants us to be happy too. This world promotes a distorted view of happiness based on possessions, position, and pleasures – often the immediate satisfaction of desires that have harmful consequences. But the happy God knows what will bring us true happiness. He can help us even now to live a happier life, and the glorious good news involves a future free of all the doom and gloom that is systemic in this world.

Tuesday News

I found a report that made me smile a lot this week It is all about an albatross named “Wisdom”. This is a special albatross!

Apparently, the life span of a Laysan albatross is between twelve and forty years. But researchers know that Wisdom is at least seventy years old because they have been tracking her since 1956.

Well – celebrations are in order because she recently gave birth (I think the term is hatched an egg technically) to a chick! She’s a mother-bird! She is in fact the oldest known wild bird and she has had another chick!



Tuesday News

So this week, the news report that warmed me was the care that was taken of turtles in the Gulf of Mexico.

You probably saw the news that temperatures plummeted in Texas with rare snow storms that resulted in many being cut off from electricity and water for days.

At the same time the freezing temperatures were a shock for the turtles in that region. They were cold stunned, and unable to swim when the temperature dropped. They could not swim, but even though they floated up to the top of the sea, they could not lift their necks to be able to draw breath.

That would have resulted in those little guys drowning. So wildlife agencies launched a rescue mission to save thousands of turtles. This week there was a video on the BBC website showing the return of the turtles to the now much warmer Gulf of Mexico waters:


Sea, Turtle, Diving, Animal, Ocean, Wildlife, Closeup

When I watched it, I actually felt tears of joy welling up, and it told me that we humans – we are working in all sorts of crazy industries that are harming our planet and it’s creatures. We need to switch to working on looking after our planet and making it as special as it is obviously supposed to be.

Tuesday News

I had a lot of good news to choose from for this week’s Tuesday News. There were so many reports on animals frolicking in the snow and coming to the rescue in various lands. But in the end I chose an article more local to these shores.

This news is from up in Scotland. It is about the relocation of Golden Eagles chicks from the Scottish Highlands over to Dumfries and Galloway:


Apparently they are so excited about the potential boost to the numbers of Golden Eagles in the south of Scotland, they are even planning a festival for them.

These are magnificent birds, and it is always good news to hear of wildlife flourishing.

Golden Eagle, Eagle, Golden, Bird, Nature, Wildlife

Tuesday News

The highlight of news broadcasts last week was of course the amazing Rod Ponton who turned up at a zoom court hearing with whiskers! Apparently he was using his secretary’s computer, and his secretary has a young daughter, who must have installed filters:


Oh I ached man – this made me laugh so much my belly actually ached. Thank you Mr Ponton – you totally saved the week!

Tuesday News

In a world that is full of anxiety and sadness, nature just keeps on producing reasons to smile. One of the most cheerful news reports during the past week was the videos from Washington’s Smithsonian National Zoo.

It’s not just us that go wild when it snows – pandas do too!


I first saw this video on the BBC News, where they have set the frolics of the pandas to music. Love it!

Tuesday News

My 2021 goal is to look for good news, positive reports in the media that warm the soul. Well, this past week has had the craziest news, with US politics dominating newspaper headlines and television news bulletins , but I still managed to find a great report to make the world feel better:


This is the story of Doctor Omar Atiq who was retiring. He chose to write of the debt owed by around two hundred cancer patients. That amounted to $650,000.

Doctor Omar Atiq – what you did was priceless and you will be remembered for it by those two hundred patients and others for sacrificing those wages.

I read in the article that when he asked why he did write the debt off, Dr Atiq answered, “some of those patients might need they money more than we did”.

If only more people thought that way. “They might need it more than I do” – what an awesome way to see the world.