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Thursday Verse

He will have pity on the lowly and the poor, And the lives of the poor he will save. From oppression and from violence he will rescue them, And their blood will be precious in his eyes.

PSALM 72:13,14

It is vital to remember that God sees the suffering of people in all corners of the earth and He intends to do something about it!

God’s Kingdom is the instrument that will be used to rid this earth of wickedness and oppression. Just think how life will be when all on earth can thrive under the loving care of the God who views people as precious in His eyes!

Thursday Verse

For all the things that were written beforehand were written for our instruction, so that through our endurance and through the comfort from the Scriptures we might have hope.


Throughout the scriptures there are examples of God’s dealings with people who experienced joys and challenges similar to our own.

Have you read a passage of the scriptures and identified with a Bible character? Have you been amazed as you read on the page the very feelings you have struggled with, and realized that a man or woman who lived thousands of years ago felt that same way?

Why would God go to the trouble of preserving the experiences and expressions of people and have them translated into thousands of languages? We today need to keep our hope strong. The practical advice and comfort God imparts to us by the examples of his people is like a great crowd cheering us on to the end.

Tuesday News

Every week I search news websites searching for positive reports, news that will cheer both me and you up. But this week, I did not have to search. Good news found me.

I opened my inbox this weekend and I saw an email from a friend of mine who I have a lot of respect for. He turned his life around after starting to read the Bible. I know he has cleaned up from all sorts of trouble. He sent me message asking how my family were and inviting us to join in a commemoration of one of the most important events in all human history.

We have just seen an entire year of how mankind has no idea how to rescue us from death. But one man has provided the only hope we have of reversing death and suffering. One man paid the price in order for us to have a future.

My friend sent me this video link which sums up the only way mankind can be rescued from death:

This coming weekend is the anniversary of the greatest act of love ever shown. By means of this gift, we can look forward to seeing our loved ones again.

Is there ever going to be a better news report than that?

My Word For 2021


Endurance is not just surviving, and it’s not just existing. Endurance is about the way we react to hardship.

Endurance is not complaining and criticising the people who are making decisions to protect us and try to keep us in a job at the same time. A person who endures manifests courage, steadfastness, and patience. 

One reference work explained endurance as “the spirit which can bear things, not simply with resignation, but with blazing hope…the quality which keeps a man on his feet with his face to the wind.

We all want to enjoy life the way we used to – but we have to face that we are in a time of trouble – now is not the time to crumble – it is the time to endure, with blazing hope fuelling our endurance.