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Tuesday News

This week I have sheep for you, not just any old sheep – “smiley” sheep. I read a news report on the BBC website about the Lake District’s famous residents – Hardwick sheep.

If you like animals, if you are interested in Beatrix Potter, if you love the Lake District – then this will make you smile as much as the sheep!



Tuesday News

This week I enjoyed a report about a team from a hospital in Cardiff. They explained how much energy is consumed by the equipment used to cared for Covid-19 patients in an Intensive Care Unit.

To contribute to our environment they have been out in the countryside planting one thousand trees and are hoping others will follow suit.

You can watch a report about the team doing this on the BBC website:


I really felt for one of the guys who explained how intense it has been for him working in the hospital for long hours throughout the Pandemic. It was clear he appreciated the chance to be out with nature and was so glad to be able to do a little towards helping our climate and the natural world around us.

Tuesday News

I am sorry this post did not go live last night. That was my fault for messing up my scheduling. But I promise you it is worth the wait.

This is not only good news, this is just about the cutest news I have seen this month. We are returning to the animal kingdom to cheer us up (because sometimes people seem to mean more bad news than good) and this week’s TUESDAY NEWS comes from Bristol.

Have you heard of a mouse deer before? These little creatures look like the most adorable animals. I could easily fall in love with those eyes! Last week a baby mouse deer was born over at Bristol zoo and it is not much taller than a pencil!

Please read this gorgeous report all about this sweet little baby:


I love that it enjoys eating sweet potato. Oh my! I am seriously in love with this little baby.

What a wonderful planet we live on and share with a spectacular array of creatures. How much joy we have ahead of us, once this earth is swept clean of greed and corruption.

Tuesday News

There was some good news reported this past week, but I could not resist featuring this report about Lucy Sparrow. I work in a Pharmacy, and I was amazed by her latest art exhibition.

She has put together an entire Pharmacy made of felt! Everything she has made looks so intricate.

Take a closer look at her work and the story behind her art:


Tuesday News

I absolutely love reading stories of people doing heroic things to rescue others. But some stand out as really special.

This BBC News report features Jack Nicol from Llandudno and his heroism on Saturday in rescuing a mother and son from a boat that was on fire on Conwy. It is hard not to be impressed when you learn that Mr Nicol is 82 years of age and happens to be blind.

I am sure you will be as impressed as I was about this rescue:


Amazing Jack!!

Tuesday News

When I am scrolling through news websites searching for good news instead of all the bad news out there, I often end up settling for stories of animals or nature being cared for properly. But this week, it was the encouraging story of a woman and how she is blossoming that lifted my spirits.

The lady in question is Marie Frayne. She has had a hard time without question, but the BBC News website ran a story about how grateful Marie is to a local charity that has helped her out, “The Shrewsbury Ark”. This is the heart-warming story:


I was moved by reading about Marie. How important it is that we as a human family work together to make sure nobody is overlooked. Marie is blossoming and she is also inspiring a lot of people with her story.

Tuesday News

Have you heard of Wiggle, Taz and Alfred? This week they made the headlines as possible the sweetest group of friends that have bonded with each other:


In another week of news that shows seems to show the global political economic system is a like a ship that has struck an iceberg and is slowly sinking (or a ship stuck on a sandbank in the Suez canal)…it is great to have reminders that soon all creatures on earth will live in harmony.

Tuesday News

I found a report that made me smile a lot this week It is all about an albatross named “Wisdom”. This is a special albatross!

Apparently, the life span of a Laysan albatross is between twelve and forty years. But researchers know that Wisdom is at least seventy years old because they have been tracking her since 1956.

Well – celebrations are in order because she recently gave birth (I think the term is hatched an egg technically) to a chick! She’s a mother-bird! She is in fact the oldest known wild bird and she has had another chick!