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Saturday Snaps

Another photograph from past travels. It’s hard to forget our trip down under. The scenery in New Zealand was simply stunning. I don’t need to complicate this – the photographs speak for themselves.


Saturday Snaps

Last summer, there were no festivals or agricultural shows. Normally we visit these huge events and wander around all of the tents during the day time and enjoy the live music at various stages dotted around the site.

I cannot even remember which event this was from, although I am pretty sure it was when I was visiting family in the Midlands. All I recall was that they had a food tent, and the first stall we came to was pure tea and cake. We did not get past it! We all ordered huge wedges of cake and sat on the grass feeding out bellies and sipping hot tea in the sunshine.

That was all the energy we needed to go and check out one of the nearest music tent where we danced along to Punjabi drummers!

Saturday Snaps

If all goes to plan, Wimbledon Tennis Championships should begin on Monday. I live in South London, and Wimbledon is not really that far away – about forty minutes on the bus.

We took some friends from Ghana over to see the world famous tennis club. We wandered into the grounds and took some photos and went into the shop. Our friends had expressed interest in doing a tour of the grounds, but it would have worked out as very expensive. There was a group of us and I think it worked out as over £300 for us all to go on the tour.

Not wanting to split up, we contented ourselves with wandering over to the Park across the road and hanging out in the sunshine. We ate our food there and played sports all afternoon.

But I have a handful of the photographs I took that day.

Saturday Snaps

This has to be one of Welsh adventures. My family love holidays in Wales. I was looking through my photographs, and I think these two are of the seafront at Aberystwyth.

My main memory was that the weather that day was stunning. We had planned to do a little shopping, but it was so hot. All we wanted to do was feel the cool of the sea breeze and play around in the water. The only disadvantage was that the beach was pebble. They were not all nice round smooth pebbles, there were some sharp scratchy stony pebbles in their too.

But it was a great day. We ate a lot of ice-cream. It brings back happy memories of our family summer holidays.

Saturday Snaps

This is a photo of Port Adelaide, which we visited on our trip to South Australia. Like so many ports, it brought vital imports and information into Adelaide for decades, but then experienced a significant slowdown.

It has since benefited from reinvestment making it a enjoyable location to visit. It hosts some beautiful buildings and museums to visit. We followed internet recommendations to find a restaurant where we shared a huge platter of tapas style snacks. It was a great location for tourists with time on their hands.

Saturday Snaps

Another memory from trips to Liverpool. The Albert Docks are an amazing place for tourists and visitors to explore. One of the very popular features is a museum called The Beatles Story, where you can learn so much about the fab four and how their lives changed when they were catapulted to super-stardom.

Impossible to mention The Beatles without enjoying some of their music!

Saturday Snaps

This is a photograph I took of a model up in the Liverpool Maritime Museum. You can probably see from the plaque that is behind the model explaining it is a slave ship.

I was staring at it for ages. You might have to zoom in to discern the tiny models of people, including the many Africans on the cramped lower decks who were being traded as commodities.

It was barbaric. It’s hard to understand the inhumane way people can treat others, except as we know, it still happens today.

Saturday Snaps

I took this snap a while back when we had been for a walk around some of the greener parts of south London. After our walk we were heading catch a bus which stops on the road I live on. As we were walking I saw some street art.

The mural is called “It’s Oh So Quiet” and it shows a male and a female house sparrow.

At first I only noticed the birds, but then I noticed that as well as perching on barbed wire, the bird on the left has a plastic straw in it’s mouth. So I wondered if the artist – Louis Masai – was highlighting the plight of nature around us in the city?

So I found a blogger who had a post all about this particular mural, and if you are interested in reading more about it’s creation and the artist behind it, check out their post below:


Saturday Snaps

Today’s photo is simply because I hear so many of our customers at the Pharmacy complaining about all the rules and loss of freedoms during the Pandemic. At least most of us understand why these rules are there – we can see the results of the virus.

But I had to ask myself…why did the police prohibit sitting under the mango tree? Your guess is as good as mine. But people obeyed – out of respect, they obeyed.