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Saturday Snaps

This has to be one of Welsh adventures. My family love holidays in Wales. I was looking through my photographs, and I think these two are of the seafront at Aberystwyth.

My main memory was that the weather that day was stunning. We had planned to do a little shopping, but it was so hot. All we wanted to do was feel the cool of the sea breeze and play around in the water. The only disadvantage was that the beach was pebble. They were not all nice round smooth pebbles, there were some sharp scratchy stony pebbles in their too.

But it was a great day. We ate a lot of ice-cream. It brings back happy memories of our family summer holidays.

Saturday Snaps

This is a photo of Port Adelaide, which we visited on our trip to South Australia. Like so many ports, it brought vital imports and information into Adelaide for decades, but then experienced a significant slowdown.

It has since benefited from reinvestment making it a enjoyable location to visit. It hosts some beautiful buildings and museums to visit. We followed internet recommendations to find a restaurant where we shared a huge platter of tapas style snacks. It was a great location for tourists with time on their hands.

Five For Friday

During a week when it rained and hailed, along with thunder and lightning, London’s restaurants were finally able to open their doors again. But the sun was truly shining in the world of WordPress. Here are five of my favourite posts this week!

SARAMINCY – Arizona Trip [Day One]

I am starting this week’s FIVE FOR FRIDAY in Arizona. I have missed travel during the Pandemic, so it is great to be able to see all of the photographs Sara took on her trip. It reminds me so much of the scenery we see in the movies. You are definitely giving me a strong sense of wanderlust Sara!


CANDICEBFORD – It’s Always Pink Shirt Day…Unless You Don’t Agree

This was actually my top pick from the whole week. It made so much sense and Candice expressed perfectly some of the thoughts that have run through my own mind during the Pandemic, during we have seen people with diverse opinions. I highly recommend you read this very thought provoking discussion.


CATCHING CRAWFISH – Life Is A…Rerouting, Take A U-Turn Here

This was one of the most charming lessons in life I have read in weeks. I loved Chelsi’s post about journeying along with her husband. It was so candid and fun to read of their navigating together.


CLAIRESALLOTMENT – Sunday 16th May 2021 – Dodging The Showers All Day!

Garden, Greenhouse, Allotment, Allotment

So if there is one wish I developed during the Pandemic – it was the wish to have an allotment. I felt a twinge of envy reading through Claire’s brilliant post. But then I realized, that we need to sort out our garden before I move onto any ideas of an allotment. I can always turn to Claire for inspiration!


FRIED GREEN – A Day In The Life

I loved this! Camping and hiking in New Mexico – this was just a joy to read through. I wanted to be out there so much! So I am going to admit, I had no idea where New Mexico was, but I checked on Google Maps and I realized it is not far from where I started today’s FIVE FOR FRIDAY!

Five For Friday

Sometimes it feels as if the weeks are flying by this year. It is Friday again and time for me to share with you some of the highlights of the many brilliant posts that appeared in my WP Reader this week. There was so much to warm the heart, and inspire me. I am sure you will feel the same way too!

DEB EVANS – Have You Thanked A Nurse Today?

Nurse, Heart, Pulse, Stethoscope

This week we had International Nurses Day. How our appreciation for nurses has deepened during the Pandemic. Deb also shares with us some of the history connected with perhaps the most famous nurse of all time – Florence Nightingale. I loved her post.


FRAN – The Sunday Edition – 1. Tonight We Fly! Checklists! London Baby, We Made It

Green Park, London, Uk, England, Park

I loved reading the account of Fran and her family embarking on an adventure! I am a Londoner Fran and I was reading this, totally excited for all of you – and wishing you an incredible time in your travels!


LAURA AND BRETT – Staying Healthy: Eating And Exercise (5/2 – 5/8)

Vegetable Skewer, Paprika, Tomato

I have to admit, I seem to spend a lot of time looking at foodie posts. Why is that? It makes me so hungry. I loved the photos in Laura and Brett’s post this week. Am I reading this right – were all those delicious dishes under 400 calories? Desperate to get an invite to their dinner table!!


SIMON – Blog: A Year On Woodhouse Washlands

Yorkshire Dales, Pen-Y-Ghent, Sunrise

It is a long time since I was in Yorkshire, but I remember it as a massive contrast to London. There seemed to be an endless sea of green undulating with hedges and trees, dry-stone walls, and animals I had never seen before (animals never seen in Clapham!) I loved reading Simon’s account of the changes that occurred throughout the year. I wanted to be there walking through those dales myself.


SHELLEY FALLOWS – Bird Song And Blue Bells

Bluebells, Bluebell, Blue, Spring, Plant

This week is National Mental Health Awareness Week and this year’s theme is nature. Shelley made my day with this post. She shared a short video of her journey to work, were she seemed to be passing through a magical forest, with carpets of bluebells and sweet birdsong. Thanks Shelley for such a beautiful share!

Five For Friday

There have been some brilliant posts appearing in my Reader this week. It was really hard to pick just five of my favourites. These are the five posts that I have chosen because I enjoyed them so much and found them inspiring!

THE RAMBLING SLOTH – Day 400 Seems A Great Day To Take The Next Big Step In My Recovery Journey

Mountains, Summit, Nature, Cliff, Peak, Mountain Range

I spent a long time gazing at the photos of sunrises in Julie’s post. The colours are extraordinary. I was impressed by her plans! I need to follow her good example. Too much take out food during the Pandemic makes me want to start training again.


GENTLEMAN DAVE – More For Us To Discover

Wow! This was one exciting poem! Gentleman Dave has a way with words and is able to produce beautiful poetry. This poem was totally romantic and exhilarating in equal combination. Who ever said that the beach was boring? It makes me see the need to continue reviewing the applications so far for the role of Mrs Nyamake.


TAM33KS – 7 Self-Care Ideas That Involve Giving

I knew I was going to love this post as soon as I read the title. Self-care and giving go hand in hand surely. There is so much more happiness in giving. Tam33ks gives some great examples of how you can not only bring joy to others, but how good it is for us and our own emotional health and wellbeing.


MZDEEDEESMITH – Let’s Go, Or Maybe Let’s Stay…Sometimes Plans Change

I loved reading the adventure MzDeeDeeSmith embarked on to the beautiful land of Ecuador. The lessons she learned, and her attitude to letting the universe work it’s magic. I enjoyed every picture and every paragraph of this post, but it was the ending – the quote that the post ends on that made sure it is one I will not forget!


JO GOODALL – Welcome To The Prestigious 30s Club…Turning 30 With Brian And A Week Of New Classes

Last but not least is Jo! Last week I read that she had broken her foot. But it was amazing to read her birthday post and to see that nothing is stopping her from enjoying her life at Oxford! You are an inspiration Jo! Keep smiling 🙂

Wednesday Writers – Mick And Liesel

This week’s WEDNESDAY WRITER is focusing on a fun loving couple who have been sharing with us their antics and their adventures, and inspiring us to enjoy the good in life.


First thing in the morning, it would have been a cup of tea.

Mid-afternoon, I’ll have a decaff latte please.

This post is scheduled to be published at midnight Mick, so I have made you a cuppa and thrown in some cookies because you mentioned liking them!


I’m Mick and my wife is Liesel. We started the blog together: it was meant to be 50-50 but I seem to be the main contributor, but I’m not complaining. It’s called Mick and Liesel’s Antics:


Mick I love the tagline on your site: “Adventures in KT9, M22, infinity and beyond”.


We started this blog in February 2018. We’d both dabbled before, but without any real purpose. I did a blog about Radio for a while, but realised I was mostly just reproducing second-hand news and putting in my own second-rate reviews.


This time, it was to document some big changes in our lives. I’d retired, Liesel was between jobs, my daughter Jenny gave birth to our granddaughter, and we decided to move house to be closer to them.

Also, we thought we’d go travelling while we still could. ‘Adventure before dementia’, as we saw on a car bumper. Our so-called grown-up gap year. That was an adventure. It’s been interesting writing about how we’ve coped during the pandemic.


I had to look this up. Other than the ‘About’ page and the ‘Home page’, the most read single post is one entitled ‘Singapore (Part 2)’, describing a few days in the city-state during our travels.

Please don’t ask what was wrong with ‘Singapore (Part 1)‘!


For me, the discipline of writing something at all each week is good mental exercise. Especially during this time of lockdown, when we’re not allowed to go anywhere or do much outside our neighbourhood. Also, it’s more enjoyable that writing a detailed, daily journal by hand, which I used to do years ago.


My comfort food is a cheese and tomato sandwich, so I was delighted when I saw Stephen Fry advocate such a delicacy on Twitter a couple of days ago.

Oh, and chocolate, cakes and cookies of course.


Thanks, you don’t need to, but a nice bunch of pink carnations always reminds me of my Mum, they were her favourite flower.


I don’t always feel it, but The Carpenters’ Top of the World has been in my life for many years, decades even.

I try to be positive and look on he bright side of things, but it’s difficult sometimes in today’s political environment, with big problems such as the climate emergency.

You are so right Mick! I am so glad that at last climate change is being given more attention by the media and social media but we need drastic changes and we need them now!


Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that I am retired, I don’t need to seek work, every day is a ‘bank holiday’ and I am free to do what I want (other than the current, temporary Covid restrictions of course), and I know how lucky I am in this respect. On the other hand, I hope there are still some surprises to come.


I hope it’s a positive thing. I hope readers are laughing with me rather than at me, but either way, laughter is a good thing.

Yes, I do like a moan and a whinge now and then. One message is that it’s possible to have a good time later in life, that the world isn’t really against us even if it feels that way sometimes.


Thank you so much to Mick and to Liesel for agreeing to be featured as part of the WEDNESDAY WRITER series. I loved looking back at your posts about your travels around Asia and Australia, North America and closer to home. I wonder where the two of you will head to next! I would definitely recommend Ghana!

I can only imagine that you are both longing for restrictions to be lifted (when it is safe of course) so that you can really make the most of spending time with your family and resuming your incredible travels again!

Saturday Snaps

This week I am reminiscing over a visit to Bath. We spent a long time enjoying the city, but the highlight was definitely the Roman Baths. It is one of the most interesting places I have visited in the UK.

It seems like a long time ago since I left London – over a year, but I am hoping later this summer we can hit the road and see more of other cities and towns around this country.

Saturday Snaps

There is something about creation that shouts volumes about how much our Creator loves to surprise us, inspire us and give us every good gift.

Trips over to Africa have shaped me and my outlook on the world. But though I have seen with my own eyes the shocking reality of this mad mad mad world with it’s economic extremes, I have seen that God is good. He keeps giving the most beautiful displays even in areas where people live on a meagre income.

I have seen and I know that God will correct all injustices. In the meantime…he keeps giving.

Saturday Snaps

So last week it was Malaysia, and this week it is Manchester. It feels like a hundred years ago since we were last there, but we used to go there two or three times a year.

I have some relatives in Manchester who we would stay with, and we would hang out, sometimes at The Trafford Centre (a but like Westfield, but with Roman/Greek style statues making it look like a temple) or we would head into the city .

It felt like my second home and we had amazing times up there. This photograph is looking out towards the Manchester Printworks (right in the centre) which has bars, restaurants and a multi-storey cinema. To the right is the Arndale Centre – another indoor shopping mall. To the left is another kind of galleria with lots of shops and restaurants.

You cannot see in the photo obviously, but I was standing outside Selfridges. A couple of times we were in this square because they had put up huge screens – major football contests and other events nobody would want to miss.

There was always a buzz around Manchester and I miss it. It is one of the first places we will be heading to once the Pandemic is over so we can see our family up there, and head into town for mad night out.