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To Die For!

We were soaked to the skin in Wimbledon today, picking up

There are not many things I take seriously, but HOT SAUCE is one of them! So I was stoked to find a guy selling hot sauce that that knocked my socks off. The guy’s website is here:


The hot sauce that was to die for…..TO……DIE…..FOR!!!…..:


And it looks like there is more:



Saturday Snaps

If all goes to plan, Wimbledon Tennis Championships should begin on Monday. I live in South London, and Wimbledon is not really that far away – about forty minutes on the bus.

We took some friends from Ghana over to see the world famous tennis club. We wandered into the grounds and took some photos and went into the shop. Our friends had expressed interest in doing a tour of the grounds, but it would have worked out as very expensive. There was a group of us and I think it worked out as over £300 for us all to go on the tour.

Not wanting to split up, we contented ourselves with wandering over to the Park across the road and hanging out in the sunshine. We ate our food there and played sports all afternoon.

But I have a handful of the photographs I took that day.

Saturday Snaps

I took this snap a while back when we had been for a walk around some of the greener parts of south London. After our walk we were heading catch a bus which stops on the road I live on. As we were walking I saw some street art.

The mural is called “It’s Oh So Quiet” and it shows a male and a female house sparrow.

At first I only noticed the birds, but then I noticed that as well as perching on barbed wire, the bird on the left has a plastic straw in it’s mouth. So I wondered if the artist – Louis Masai – was highlighting the plight of nature around us in the city?

So I found a blogger who had a post all about this particular mural, and if you are interested in reading more about it’s creation and the artist behind it, check out their post below: