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Wednesday Writer – Jim Adams

Taking the WEDNESDAY WRITER series to another level is mega-blogger and host of the best event on WordPress – SONG LYRIC SUNDAY (seriously you need to get yourself over there!) and Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Music Challenge Jim Adams!!

Please check out Jim’s post where he published his answers to the interview questions I sent over to him:


Jim, it is so great to be allowed to feature such a top blogger. What would you like to drink while we are conducting this interview with you?

I used to be a big drinker and if Jacob was buying, I would be drinking.  However, my doctor always analyzes my blood because I have Type II diabetes and she is constantly worried about my kidneys, as I guess all that drinking, which I did years ago must have wreaked havoc on them, so I will pass on your kind offer of a drink for now.

So…I don’t want to make you ill Jim – I’m gonna pour you a glass of water just in case you get thirsty.

Could you tell us your blogging name and the name of your site please.

My blogging name is NewEpicAuthor which I chose because I wrote several very long books, which I never got published.  The title of my site is A Unique Title For Me.

When did you start blogging?

I joined WordPress on April 23, 2017 and wrote my first post on that day.  I am approaching a milestone very soon, as after this one I will have only 16 more posts to write in order to get me to 3,000.

Why did you start blogging?

I was looking for a platform to promote my books.

Which is the most popular post on your site?

My Top Posts show that I have 12 which received over 1,000 views and I listed those below.

Colder Than a Well Digger’s Ass13,512
Sloopy Hang On10,597
Home page / Archives8,716
War, Famine, Pestilence and Death5,505
How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good4,733
Sex Is A Three Letter Word1,731
Pumped A Lot Of Pane1,507
Quadratic Equations and Astronomy1,155
There Is No I In Team1,080
Do You Think That I Have a Nice Butt?1,068
It Was Beauty That Killed the Beast1,041
Whip The Horse’s Eyes1,003

What is the best thing about blogging?

It keeps me busy and I stay out of trouble most of the time, but I have been known to say some controversial things.

Food that makes you smile?

Steak, Seafood, Italian, Cake way too many to list.

Jim – I love you man!

If I was going to send you flowers as a thank you for letting me interview, what would they be?

Please send money instead.

Do you have a song? One that fits you as a person or your life?

Do you know where you are going in life?

I am just winging it for now.

What message do you want your blog to tell the world?

Keep On Truckin’, Get Off My Cloud, Love the One You’re With, I actually am at a loss for words here.


That was out of this world Jim. Congratulations on hitting the 3000 post mark – that is incredible. You are a man who knows how to live it up with great music and great food. I hope you books end up in print – you sound like a guy with a lot of stories to tell.

Thanks for taking some time out to reply to the interview questions I sent you. You really are right at the top of the blogging world. I think it is a huge credit to you that you bring together so many different bloggers with a variety of personalities and music preferences. That is something real powerful.