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Saturday Snaps

I have not been up there much during the past year, but we used to hang out with friends over in Archway. Not far from where some of my cousins live is Hampstead Heath. We used to walk across the Heath and then go and have a drink at the cafe at the side of Kenwood House. On a sunny weekend that place was always packed.

One of the reasons why we always thought it was an interesting place was a connection to an interesting historical figure – the first Earl of Mansfield, William Murray. The film “Belle” paints a fictionalized version of events, but I like to think that there may have been something liberating in the outlook of this man.


For Sarah

You touched so many hearts – from those who wear diamond tiaras to those who cannot afford the bus fare home. You have come to represent a great cry that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. A battle cry is being raised as the shock of how you were treated sinks in.

We have groaned and have wept over what happened to you. It makes us angry to the core that a girl so joyous was taken from us, but you will never be forgotten.

Sarah Everard – you will live in our hearts and your will be the flame that burns within as all of us women and men unite and say we are not going to tolerate wickedness.

You will live again.

❤ ❤ ❤

Saturday Snaps

I was looking through the photos I have taken and saved and I found this one. For months I used to walk past Battersea Power Station and see enormous cranes working on it’s renovation and a site teaming with construction workers and machinery.

You may know that these gigantic power stations which are no longer in use hold out a lot of potential but also some challengers to potential developers. The Tate Modern Art Gallery on the Southbank used to be a power station.

This is a photo from Wikipedia showing what the Battersea Power Station used to look like:

And this gives you an idea of the architectural plans for the site – which should house offices and apartments. They are clearly hoping the place will have a buzz because as well as shops and restaurants, they even extended part of the London Underground Northern Line to run to Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station.

Plans For The Weekend?

I was getting my things the other night just before I left work and my boss said to me, “Thanks for all your hard work, you’ve been great.” She doesn’t often take time out to say that. But I have done overtime this week to cover for other people who were self-isolating.

She then asked me a question I never know how to answer at the moment, “What are you plans for the weekend?” IS THAT A TRICK QUESTION?

We’re in a national lockdown. One in thirty people here have coronavirus. Who makes plans?