I am finding this dialogue increasingly uncomfortable. I think I want to write a post about it, but I need time to think straight. One thing I am convinced of is that you cannot paint all people with the same brush. It’ not fair.

So because my parents worked hard and have done well for themselves, it puts me in a “situation”. I know that they had occasional incidents were they were discriminated against and occasions when people were disrespectful. But that was from the minority, not the majority. I also know that suffering some injustice, some hardship made them stronger people.

I ain’t going to let anyone treat me like a lower class citizen, and nobody does. When someone is rude to me at the Pharmacy, you know what, I interpret that as them not being very well, or being stressed out, I rarely interpret it as racism. Unless someone says the words that hurt I don’t react. When they do say the words that words that hurt, I have a choice – and the choice I make is to to ask myself – what would Jesus do?

People can go to war, and fight and demand respect, or they can look to the best example of what it is to endure mistreatment and abuse! The point is – this is something only God can fix. You can fight all you want – but if God is patient and cool enough to wait until the right time to act, how do you think it is going to work jumping the gun? Not good. Not good.

There will be true justice. There will. If you are only fighting to have access to material riches and fame, you are missing the whole point. God chose the poor man. He chose those looked down on. He is so much more interested in what is going on inside a man or woman than outside.


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